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Southwest BRR (Bow, Rod, Rifle) started in 2018, as just a bunch of friends sharing their enjoyment of the outdoors through Instagram. 


We don’t just love the outdoors we live and breathe it. Our dedicated and passionate team does it all; from hunting elusive whitetail, chasing aggressive steelhead on the fly, cruising in our boats, enjoying campsites in/around the Great lakes and exploring the vast wilderness that surrounds us. We hold conservation, education, sustainability and the ethical treatment of our amazing planet close to our hearts. Realizing we are not perfect, we aim to be better everyday. Hope you join us on this journey. 


We use every product you find on our site, which makes the difference. We pride ourselves for providing top quality products, along with the best customer service.


We understand that a happy customer is a loyal customer, and that means providing you with the proper information and support to get the most out of our products. Not only do we provide information on why our products are best for you, but we are also willing to tell you when our product isn't. 


There is no beating around the bush with us. We simply walk right through it.


If you would like recommendations on feeding whitetail, proper camera placement, or have any outdoor related questions please fill out the form below and one of our Reps will get back to you.



The Southwest BRR Team