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Does Dry Cat Food Cause Urinary Tract Infections

Here are a few big differences between wet cat food and dry cat food. Moisture Levels. The main difference between dry and canned cat food is the amount of water that the food contains. Dry cat food contains approximately 10% of water, and the other 90% consists of dry matter such as carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. If you are looking for the one best cat food for urinary crystals that would do well in all categories- quality ingredients, promote cat urinary health, and help prevent hair build-up- I would strongly suggest you try Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food as a best canned cat food for urinary tract health.

The pack comes in two sizes- 2.9 oz and 5.5 oz. Try the smaller size first because cats are. Treatment of a Urinary Infection in Cats. Treatment is based on findings. Bladder stones or crystals in the urinary tract may cause symptoms like those of a UTI. If this is the case, surgery or a diet change may solve the problem. If a UTI is confirmed, a round of antibiotics will help fight the infection.

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